snackles bars

What looks like a sugary treat, tastes like a sugary treat, but isn’t a sugary treat… meet Noshu Snackles Bars!

See, Snackles are deceptively delicious. A low sugar snack that tastes like a high sugar treat. A sheep in wolf’s clothing in the snack bar aisle. So while it looks like it’s bad for your kids, with it’s chocolatey, marshmallowy exterior – Snackles are in fact, not bad at all.

With us, you get exactly what it says on the box. A healthier, easier alternative to sugar-laden snacks that your kids will love. Sure, they don’t have the nutrients to make them super heroes. But they don’t have the sugar to make them super villains either… And we say that’s not bad.

Try the game changing chewy snack that crackles! Your kids will love you for it.