My day on a plate – world champion Katelyn Bartlett

Being a fitness model, full-time personal trainer, wellness coach and crowned the official World, Universe, Galaxy and Australian Champion is no easy feat – but our Noshu sponsored super athlete Kat has achieved it all and more.

Like you probably are, we’re curious to know what Kat’s diet looks like, how she’s able to get the most out of her body and how she keeps her health in top form throughout her competition seasons and prep.

Luckily for us, she was more than happy to document a full day of eating to share – and we love how balanced and realistic she’s keeping it.

As our first official Sponsored Athlete, we will be sharing a lot more of Kat’s journey with Noshu, but for now, let’s take a look at how a true champion eats (and yes…they eat donuts!)

My day on a plate

My focus around food has shifted after having a successful season on the WFF International stage. This year I won the title of Ms Australia Pro Sports Model and brought home the gold and title of WFF Ms World Pro Sports Model for Australia.

What was on my plate for the 7 months leading up to those shows is far different from what I’m enjoying now.  Everything for the majority of the year was weighed, chopped, measured and on repeat each week to reach my goal.

Now, my plate is designed to nourish and rebuild my body. To achieve this, I’m slowly re-introducing a wider variety of foods, especially those with a higher fat content. This is necessary to help reset my hormones.

As a personal trainer, I like to lead by example. Therefore, I still plan and prep my meals at least 4 days in advance. I found that having my food ready to “grab’n’ go” saves me so much time and money in the week.

I always cook at least 1 of my meals each day fresh; typically breakfast or dinner depending on when I have clients scheduled. I have a lot of leeway within my planned meals for the unplanned….like when someone buys me a coffee, when I spot something new on sale at the health food shop that I want to try or when my sweet tooth kicks in.

Today I have a client scheduled at 5:45am. My alarm will go off at 4:30am. It’s a very early start leaving no time to cook anything fresh.



Homemade veggie egg muffins
(Baked on Sunday night & kept in an airtight Tupperware in the fridge).

I enjoy 2 of these cut open with ½ a mashed avocado and season with paprika.

My recipe for the muffins is as follows:

Veggie egg muffin: makes 6 

1/2 cup egg whites (I use ones from freezer)
1/2 cup gluten free self rising flour
Appx 1 cup + chopped kale
Appx 150g  cauliflower & broccoli mix
50g salt free corn (I use from a can rinsed)
Seasoned with dried Italian spices.
Bake 200C 45-55min

Appx:300 cal C:26 F:12 P:14

I have a few back-to-back sessions scheduled this morning before I plan to do my training around 10am. It’s important to be properly fuelled at least an hour prior to a workout to provide energy for the body to perform optimally. A good combination pre-workout is protein and carbs to help burn fat and build muscle.

*If your workout is going to be longer than 90mins then you’d want to include fats. I’m personally in and out of the gym for my sessions in 45mins. The only exception to this is on a scheduled heavy lifting leg day or when I go out bush walking with mates.

Morning Tea

Small apple and next generation protein shake (1.5hr prior to training session)

On a rest day I normally enjoy a Noshu Donut or brownie with a cuppa tea at this time instead. Early mornings are great for having higher healthy fat foods as it will help with satiety, and if I’m not training, I don’t need a sugar-hit at this time.

Appx: 180Cal C:20 F:2 P:24

Meals 3 and 4 (shortly after finishing my training)

Mexican bowl and prawns & quinoa coleslaw salad

Appx total for both meals combined: 660 cal C:65 F:19 P:56

Mexican bowl

100g lean turkey mince seasoned with chilli flakes.
1/4 can mixed Mexicans beans ( rinsed really well)
Appx 30g diced red onion
100g cauliflower seasoned with turmeric
1/3c cooked rice
1/4 avocado



Salmon salad with Pico de Gallo

1 fillet of fresh salmon grilled, served with homemade pico de gallo and mixed green vegetables.

Appx 310 cal  C:13 F:22 P:24

All my meals are simple and wholesome, but I’m a fanatic for seasonings. They are my saving grace during prep and really change up the way my dishes taste even when cooking the same foods. I’m a huge fan of the hot spicy seasonings and Chili sauces. They are all low in calories but loaded with tastebud tingly effects. Spicy foods help  boost metabolism. It’s a win win!

Other seasonings I use are Italian herbs. I have one that is a dry combination mix but also buy fresh parsley and basil. Turmeric and cumin powder  are my go to for omelettes and on cauliflower.  They are known to have anti inflammatory properties which is great for joint health and muscle recovery. Cinnamon is a staple in my long blacks or dandelion tea as it helps regulate blood sugar. Recently I’ve had fun adding rosemary and fresh coriander to top some meals off with.

I can’t remember the last time I purchased a dressing!. Personally too many are full of fillers and preservatives or added sugars. Not to mention the majority have wheat! As a ceoliac I’ve just avoided all dressings- even ketchup and bbq sauce has wheat!  I often just use a flaxseed oil or macadamia oil and squeeze juice of a citrus fruit (lemon, lime,orange or even grapefruit) I have on hand with a bit of fresh cracked black pepper into any salads I make. Other times I use Dijon mustard with a little bit of oil, goes great with chicken or venison on salads.

I aim to get at least 20g of protein for each of my meals. Which gives me about twice my body weight in total protein for the day (seeing that I eat an average of 6 meals). As I am very active and do a lot of weight training my body needs the extra protein to help maintain muscle mass.


½ Noshu donut with casein protein mouse

I still enjoy dessert and allow myself a treat each day! My desserts are usually higher fat and still contain a source of protein. Fats delay the absorption of protein, so this combo helps to preserve muscle mass and keep me satiated while I sleep.

Appx 170cal C:3 F:5 P:26

Additional snacks

During prep I normally wouldn’t have any snacks, as I would only eat what I have prepped and was eating based on the time of the clock. Now that I’m listening to my body, my meal times vary. Today I was feeling a bit peckish and got a single serve of Greek yogurt at the grocery store.  I also was feeling hungry/thirsty after a long afternoon walk so mixed up a vital green smoothie using coconut water and a few watermelon balls I had in the freezer.

Appx 355 cal C:62 F:0 P:27


Kat Bartlett

Master Trainer – AIF Cert III & Cert IV,  Advanced ACE Certified Boxing Fitness Trainer, Advanced Crank It Fitness Suspension Training Coach, Qualified Small Groups Trainer, Advanced Bootcamp,  Outdoor Fitness Instructor & Wellness Coach. 2018 Ms  World & Ms Australia Pro Sports Model, 2017 WFF Ms Universe & Ms Galaxy Super Model 


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