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We like to help our customers understand why we’ve created our products and why excessive sugar consumption is one of the major contributors of modern illness. Have a browse, you’ll find some informative articles on health, nutrition and general wellbeing.

Xylitol: Not a sweet idea to give your pet

We understand many people love their fur babies as much as their own kiddos. However, many of our products contain xylitol, which is NOT suitable for pets.

Five fast benefits of reducing your sugar intake

Many of us are well aware that our sugar consumption can be linked to an increased risk of numerous health ailments such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity and a host of other serious conditions. Unfortunately, however, the reality read more.

How to cater for a Diabetic this Christmas

It’s your turn to host the Christmas ‘do’ this year. You’re all set to nail the festive spread with a weapon of delicious holiday favourites to dish up to your guests…. except there’s one problem… you’ve just been told that read more.