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Gluten free Christmas petit fours

Jazz up the Christmas table this year with some great little sugar free, gluten free, low carb treats that look and taste amazing. They are easy to make and add a fun and festive element to your table setting.

Festive popcorn

Such an easy festive recipe – Low Carb, Sugar Free and so tasty you’ll keep making this well past the Christmas period. Keep a batch on hand for those 2pm snack cravings or it’s the perfect movie night companion.

Sugar free white Christmas & rocky road

The perfect additions to any festive table! Experiment a little, throw in your favourite add ins and see if you can stop at only one piece… They’re sugar free and low carb so you don’t have to!

Sugar free gingerbread cookies

We love these little festive sugar free gingerbread cookies. They’re easy to make and perfect for kids to get involved with creating the shapes and decorating. They also taste great.

Gingerbread & eggnog baked cheesecake

This decadent sugar free gingerbread and eggnog baked cheesecake is always a favourite at the Christmas table and it also won’t blow out your calorie count or carb goals.

Low carb Christmas trifle

Looking for a low carb, sugar free Christmas dessert that is an absolute show stopper? This delicious trifle recipe is certainly impressive and guaranteed to have everyone talking and fighting for the last spoon full.

Festive whoopie pies

It’s the festive season and who doesn’t like to indulge a little… We’ve recreated a few seasonal favs, sugar free of course, so you can entertain with the ‘WOW’ factor but without the sugar overload.

How to make the 3 layered rich chocolate cake

A lot of people have been asking how to make the 3 layered rich chocolate cake on the front of our packaging. There are a few different steps you’ll need to follow but it’s not that hard and you’ll impress read more.

No added sugar carrot cake

Enjoy a delicious, no added sugar velvet smooth carrot cake topped with a classic cream cheese frosting. This low GI carrot cake has all your favourite spices and flavours with a decadent, moist and creamy texture. Yum!

99% sugar free pancakes

With only 4 ingredients these are the ultimate light and fluffy, easy to make, 99% sugar free pancakes the entire family will love for breakfast or brunch.