Dry mix macros for Noshu 99% sugar free cake mixes

We love how excited you all are to try our brand new 99% Sugar Free Cake Mixes with Frosting, and we know that for a lot of you, these mixes are going to be your new go-to for when you’re wanting to whip up a low-carb, sugar free and potentially vegan-friendly treat!

To cater for all your nutritional needs, dietary requirements and creative flairs, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you the nutritional information and macro breakdown of the dry mixes (both with and without frosting). This way, you have the freedom to use the mixes however you please with the ingredients that suit your preferences, and will still have an idea of what you’re consuming calorie and macro wise!

Please do keep in mind though, that while our mixes are extremely versatile (we’ve got you sorted for cupcakes, cookies, carrot cake, banana bread and even cinnamon scrolls!), any additional adjustments or variations you make to the mixes beyond that with which we’ve outlined on the Cake Mix boxes themselves, will alter the taste and texture of your final product.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our blog posts outlining recipes for cookies using the mixes, as well as a vegan-friendly recipe for cake and cupcakes, and remember to tag us in all your creations using the hashtag #noshucakelovers on Instagram, or join our Facebook Group ‘Noshu Cake Lovers’ so that we can see what you choose to make!


Rich Chocolate Cake – dry mix only (excludes frosting)

Rich Chocolate Velvet Cake – Icing mix only (excludes cake mix)

Vanilla Velvet Cake – Dry mix only (excludes frosting)

Vanilla Velvet Cake – Icing mix only (excludes cake mix)


  • If you’re wondering why the carbs are so much higher in the dry mix, it’s because 100g of pure flour mix is largely carbohydrate, but when you dilute it to have 100g of prepared cake, half of that weight is wet ingredients such as egg, milk and butter (kind of like diluting cordial).
  • To make your own creations (e.g. cookies) feel free to weigh out the dry mix as you need it, and use the per 100g to calculate how much you’ve used in your own recipe.
  • We will make sure these dry mix ingredients are available on My Fitness Pal for you to easily access!