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Red velvet cake

A nostalgic classic, without the excess sugar! This decadent cake will bring back all of the memories with the addition of a zesty jam filling.

Low sugar caramel apple crumble

Indulge in this moorish apple crumble with lashings of low sugar caramel sauce throughout. It’s the perfect winter warmer dish to bring to your next dinner party, or to the couch if you want to keep it all to yourself. read more.

Raspberry and white choc scones

Anything that is raspberry and white choc is a yes from us! A classic recipe with one of the best flavour combinations. These scones are lower in carbs and sugar, but just as delicious as traditional scones. Serve them warm read more.

Chocolate peanut butter swirl fudge

This low carb and gluten free swirl fudge will have you going back for more and more and more… We teamed up with Pic’s to make this moorish chocolate peanut butter swirl fudge and we can’t get enough! Super easy read more.

Oaty crumble tea cake

Inspired by the eminent flavours of ANZAC Biscuits, this cake is a nod to the traditional recipe with it’s golden, oaty crumble top sitting on a light and fluffy vanilla cake. Enjoy warm with a dollop of double cream. Delicious.

Low sugar ANZAC inspired biscuits

Looking for a low sugar ANZAC inspired biscuits recipe that still has that delicious, chewy texture? Healthier baking at it’s best… You can also easily make dairy free biscuits from this recipe if needed… Go on, get baking!

Carrot cake pancakes

All the joy of carrot cake in a fluffy stack of low carb pancakes! This delicious stack couldn’t be any easier, and topped with cream cheese, it’s like eating cake for breakfast!

Low sugar hot cross buns

Soft, fluffy and low in sugar! A fun recipe to try something new in the kitchen and a delicious way to celebrate Easter. Add your favourite flavours by replacing the choc chips or dried fruit with any combinations you like read more.

Marble cake

Can’t decide if you’re a vanilla or chocolate cake lover? The beauty of this marble cake means you can have both! This fluffy cake is drizzled with dark choc ganache to take it to that extra indulgent level all while read more.