Oaty crumble tea cake

Inspired by the eminent flavours of ANZAC Biscuits, this cake is a nod to the traditional recipe with it’s golden, oaty crumble top sitting on a light and fluffy vanilla cake. Enjoy warm with a dollop of double cream. Delicious.

Low sugar ANZAC inspired biscuits

Looking for a low sugar ANZAC inspired biscuits recipe that still has that delicious, chewy texture? Healthier baking at it’s best… You can also easily make dairy free biscuits from this recipe if needed… Go on, get baking!

Low sugar hot cross buns

Soft, fluffy and low in sugar! A fun recipe to try something new in the kitchen and a delicious way to celebrate Easter. Add your favourite flavours by replacing the choc chips or dried fruit with any combinations you like read more.

Choc berry trifle

Give your classic trifle recipe a fresh upgrade and make it a choc berry trifle! This lower carb, choc-lovers dish is sure to be the centrepiece of your Christmas dessert table.

Christmas Linzer biscuits

There’s nothing more festive than Linzer biscuits at Christmas time, and you’ll enjoy these even more knowing they are much lower in carbs and sugar thanks to our 98% Sugar Free Vanilla Velvet Cake Mix. Enjoy them with your favourite read more.

How to make the 3 layered cake

A lot of people have been asking how to make the 3 layered rich chocolate or vanilla velvet cake on the front of our packaging. There are a few different steps you’ll need to follow but it’s not that hard read more.

Lower sugar Christmas fruit cake

Keep Christmas desserts traditional and lower in sugar with this decadent, gluten free version of the classic festive favourite.

White choc Japanese inspired cheesecake

Do yourself a favour and put a mouth-watering spin on a classic cheesecake with some inspiration from Japan! This white choc cheesecake is a nod to the delicious and fluffy Japanese cheesecake, but that’s not the only reason it’s special. read more.