Sweet beginnings

In 2013, Australian-born entrepreneur Rachel Bajada was inspired to create a truly low sugar food business after struggling to find convenient sweet treats without sugar or chemical sweeteners for her type 2 diabetic family members.

After going sugar free herself, Rachel was disappointed and challenged by the limited range of available foods made without chemical sweeteners, artificial additives, and ‘sugars in disguise’ such as agave, honey, glucose, dried fruits and rice malt. She then decided to create better-for-you alternatives by completely avoiding synthetic sweeteners.

After extensive research on the connection between sugar consumption and modern illness, she was convinced that the key to actively controlling the future of her own health and that of her family meant finding accessible and sustainable ways to enjoy food – without having to give up your favourite indulgences.


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Noshu was born out of a love for family, a love for health, and for the love of good food!

With a food science background, an inquisitive respect for nature and a natural talent for baking, Rachel began developing deliciously decadent foods without sugar or chemical sweeteners. Now a commercial reality, Noshu offers much-needed alternatives for people seeking low sugar and low carb foods, or those simply looking for healthier snacking options for themselves and their families.

Noshu will always deliver on our promise of creating products that are low in sugar, preservative free, natural colours and flavours, with allergen free options, so you can treat yourself with the assurance that our products are as close to nature as possible, but most importantly – being totally delicious.

Thanks for being part of our journey,

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