Hi, we’re noshu

We are an Australian-owned innovative foods company committed to developing great tasting, low sugar products that enhance your life in a positively delicious and healthier way. We take all the bad stuff out, and put the good stuff back in, making Noshu products decadent, delicious and satisfying without the excess sugar.

‘More Love, Less Sugar’ is our philosophy, because we believe that healthy food should not taste like cardboard and that those with intolerances, allergies, or on low carb diets, should also be able to enjoy decadent treats without compromising their health.

Noshu Cake Mixing

Nature does a really good job so we decided not to mess with it!

Our approach to creating low sugar products means we steer clear of using common sugars as sweeteners including those often labelled as ‘unrefined’ such as agave, coconut nectar, honey, rice malt, maple syrup and juice concentrates. Some of these common sweeteners may be fructose free or lower GI and popular when hailed as ‘unrefined’ – but they are all just different forms of sugar. Most importantly, we will never use chemical or synthetic sweeteners such as sucralose or aspartame in our range.

We make our products sweet and delicious using our own special blends of zero or very low GI natural sugar substitutes which are designed to be better alternatives for those reducing their sugar intake, or are living a lower carb lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on being transparent which means you can make informed choices based on having the ‘real facts’ in determining which of our products may be suitable for you. The very small percentage of sugar (normally less than 5%) that may be present in our products are not added intentionally but are naturally occurring in some of the ingredients, and we make this percentage clear on the packaging of each Noshu goodie.

We aim to work with nature, not against it to bring you the very best alternative treats when you’re craving something delicious and better for you. This means all of our sweeteners are plant based, our colours and flavours are natural, and we aim to create lower carb, gluten free, and allergen friendly products where possible.

Discover what makes us different, what makes us passionate about what we do, and what Noshu means to us – and you. Click below to find out more.


We use natural, plant-derived sugar substitutes, not synthetic sweeteners or chemicals. We don’t use ‘cheat sweeteners’ such as dates and dried fruit as a sugar alternative as these still contribute to your total daily sugar intake.

We’ve worked hard to make our products taste so great that you won’t know the difference.


Whether you’re a coeliac, or just feel better without gluten, our products include a range of allergen free options to cater for different levels of intolerance.

Our Donuts, Brownie Mix, and Cupcake Mixes are 100% gluten free (manufactured in strict gluten free facilities). We also have 'wheat free recipes', where our ingredients are gluten free, however our manufacturing facilities may possibly have traces of gluten present.


We use a range of better-for-you fats in our products such as monounsaturated sunflower oil which has a similar fatty acid profile to olive oil, and coconut oil which is a rich source of medium chain triglycerides that are quickly metabolised and used as a non glucose form of energy, and may help increase satiety.


Our promise is to only use natural sweeteners, colours, and flavours with no added preservatives. Plus, real flavours and whole food ingredients taste so much better too. Read here about Artificial Vs Natural Sweeteners.


Our ingredients are sourced from sustainable 3rd parties, and local or organic suppliers where possible. Noshu uses natural fats such as coconut and RSPO certified sustainable palm kernel oil – from certified plantations that are carefully managed to ensure a sustainable and ethical footprint.

Our Cocoa powder is UTZ certified so we are helping to promote better farming practices, a better environment and a better quality of life for the farmers.

We have a strictly ‘Non-GMO’ supply chain policy and we’re proudly Australian made and owned.

We love recycling so please dispose of your packaging thoughtfully once you’ve enjoyed your treat. We are also continuously working on bringing you more environmentally friendly packaging options where commercially possible.


We know how hard it can be to find delicious treats that aren’t loaded with excess carbs and empty calories. Our products range from ‘keto friendly’ to ‘low carb’ and ‘reduced carb’ so depending on your macros, you can always find something suitable.

Our products are carefully formulated to replace carbs with healthier soluble and insoluble fibres, some of which have a beneficial prebiotic effect.